Beam revealed in Pit 29

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn Saturday and Sunday we undercut the west side of Pit 29 slightly to reveal the width and depth of the oak beam. As shown in the photograph, a wide joint has been cut across the beam to over a half of its depth. The joint also continues longitudinally along the beam, reducing the top surface of the beam by a half, as shown above the trowel in the photograph. As can be seen, the beam continues into the north face of the pit (right of the photograph), so the total length of the beam has yet to be determined. A piece of much softer wood lying in the same plane as the beam appears to be roughly aligned with the joint in the oak beam. It is not certain whether this is a structural member still in place, or whether it has fallen accidentally during demolition.

As usual, we have sifted the gravel layer above and around the beam which is the source of most artefacts. In Pit 29 we have found few pieces of bone. slate and pottery, with just two metal items, these being nails.

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