Pit 30 starts to reveal its secrets

Pit30wordpress annotatedAt the weekend, we excavated Pit 30 to a depth of about 1.5 m and as expected we found the northwards continuation of the line of the revetment which we had found in previous excavations. The line of this revetment is indicated by the red annotation in the accompanying photograph. However, in Pit 30, a further set of posts were revealed on what seems to be an east-west alignment, as indicated by the yellow annotation on the photograph, which appears to butt against the north-south revetment. This gives some hope that it marks the end of the structural beam which should be hidden in the east-facing wall of Pit 30; auguring (shown by the three black holes shown in the photograph) seems to show that the timber is not present in the wall of the pit any further north than the east-west line of posts. Thanks to Stephanie Liney who provided the original photograph.

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