News from the Pit 20 Extension

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs we draw to the end of the excavation season we are finishing off and recording features of the re-opened and extended Pit 20. We have followed the previously-discovered timber beam westwards, hoping to find the end as we head towards the Mill Stream. Instead, we have found that the beam continues but with a break in it. It looks as though the part of the beam we first discovered is a repair or extension to an older section which is still hidden in the bank of the Mill Stream. The photograph shows the position of the break (about one third of the way up , to the right of the prominent light-coloured stone). The eastern part has been cut into a V-shaped tongue which fits into a slot on the end of the western part, which also shows adze marks as though parts have been cut away, perhaps in making the repair.

The photograph shows a view along the beam, looking west towards the Mill Stream; the red/white scale has bands of 100mm. On the left can be seen part of the previously-discovered planking whereas on the right a line of what appears to be flat slabs sticks out from the wall of the pit. An interesting square slot can also be clearly seen in the top surface of the beam. As usual, we have to deal with flooding of the excavation and we are grateful for the loan of an electric pump and generator to deal with it.

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