3D Model for Pit 20

Pit20MikeGillModelA year or so ago we tried to produce 3D models as a means of recording our excavations, using an internet site called Cubifydotcom. Since then Cubify have withdrawn the facility but member Mike Gill has worked out a way to construct and display 3D models from a series of photographs using other software. The latest attempt is illustrated here using a series of photographs taken on 26 October which we sent to Mike. Here is a link to the model produced by Mike from the photographs we sent him. It is rather large (c 40MB), so it takes a few minutes to download, even on a fairly fast connection:


Once it loads, you will need to wait another few minutes for the texture (draped photo) to load. Mike tells us that we will need a ‘webgl-enabled browser to view’, but that ‘up-to-date browsers support this’. I have found that Google Chrome works, but I haven’t had much success with Opera and Internet Explorer 11. Once you have opened the model you will find that you can rotate and move around in the model to view it in different aspects. I’m afraid that the model is not clear enough to make measurements from but that is due to the quality of the original photographs.

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