Topographical Survey on Priory House Lawn

surveyingA small group of us did some surveying and topographical work on the Priory House lawn on Bank Holiday Monday, 6 April 2015. We found an Ordnance Survey benchmark cut into the North front, North-West angle of the church, and managed to transfer that level to a site bench mark (SBM) which we located at the mid-point of the lower step of the french windows on Priory House.

benchmark The priory church benchmark is listed as having a height of 6.88m AOD (Above Ordnance Datum) and we were fortunate in being able to arrange for a line-of-sight through the narrow doorway and angled passage which separates the North side of the church from the Priory House carpark. The OS benchmark is readily apparent , and located about 0.3m above the present ground level.

With the SBM established, we surveyed two lines, East-West and North-South on the Priory lawn, which is largely flat but with a dip in the South-West corner. We also measured the ground height in Priory Gardens outside the boundary wall of Priory House, which is considerably lower than the ground inside the wall. These results will be used to put into context the geophysical survey results obtained previously.

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