Preparing for Action at St. Catherine’s Hill History Day

StCathsHillTCA was invited to set up a stall at the biennial History Day jointly organised by The Friends of St. Catherine’s Hill and the Christchurch and East Dorset Countryside Service which this year took place on Sunday 27 September. Our photo shows our stall in the Archaeology tent where, while awaiting the start of the event, Mike Tizzard is in conversation with Dave Allan, the representative of the Hampshire Cultural Trust exhibiting items from their archive of material found on the Hill.
The event was well attended and we had many interested visitors to our stall on what proved a glorious autumn day. Elsewhere, there was plenty to see featuring the crafts which took place on the Hill and the uses to which it has been put over the centuries. Stalls illustrated bread making and brick making and the use of the Hill in times of conflict, featuring a First World War exhibition and a display by the Royal Observer Corps of the manning of the Cold War observation bunker on the top of the Hill. Perhaps the most jaw-dropping exhibit was a full-size mock-up of one side of a First World War tank which was known to have carried out trials on the Hill!

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