Dropbox and Millhams Mapping

A few weeks ago our chairman circulated by email a notification that Millhams data can be shared between members of TCA using Dropbox.   Nobody expressed an interest at the time so this is a reminder that images and mapping data can be made available to those interested.  To make use of Dropbox and also the mapping data would require software to be downloaded and installed on your computer, which may not be welcome to some although assistance and support can be provided if you need them.

To participate, you would have to create a Dropbox account and install the free version of the Dropbox software on your computer. The software will create a folder on your computer which will be synchronised with all other participants in the group – so, if a group member adds or changes a file in he folder that will be reflected in all the other linked folders.

mapmakerPrincipally this was first used to share the suite of files which forms the Mapmaker mapping project containing all mapping data from the Millhams excavations. We chose to map the Millhams site using a free piece of software called Millhams Gratis, a cut-down version of the professional Mapmaker software.  This would also need to be installed on your computer to view the Millhams Mapmaker project files.  The advantage of using the software, rather than a fixed site map, is that you can zoom in on particular areas or superimpose photographs and images on the map as you wish.

If you would like to participate, please contact the Secretary for further information and assistance.

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