Pottery Reconstruction

JugReconstructionMany of the pieces of pottery we find in our excavation at Little Millhams are small fragments and the complete vessel is difficult to visualise.  However due to the painstaking work of one of our members, Steve Fox, we have realised that the some of the smaller pieces can be reassembled to give a good impression of the original artefact.  Steve’s photograph on the left shows one of the more complete reconstructions which he has made of a jug which stands about 18cm tall.  It is surprising in that the individual sherds have been discovered in the finds trays from trial pits often several metres apart, evidence that the discarded jug had been further smashed and the fragments redistributed by the water which originally ran through the site.

While we do not expect that our finds show any great rarity, Steve has been particularly careful to use an archival-quality adhesive which could be removed with the appropriate solvent if necessary at a later date.

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