Millhams Mapping

millhamspotteryThe Millhams project has been mapped using software Map Maker Gratis, a free version of the mapping software, Map Maker.  Map Maker Gratis has a number of excellent features but we now find that we require extended mapping techniques, particularly to incorporate overlays to show the results of the finds distribution analysis currently being undertaken.  We have therefore decided to migrate the mapping to the open-source software QGIS.  This has necessitated some rework in exporting vector data from the proprietary format used by Map Maker to the more cumbersome shapefiles used in QGIS.  The image files (raster data) also require to the georeferenced again in QGIS.  This process is nearly complete and an interim example of the output from QGIS, showing an overlay depicting the density of medieval pottery finds (analysis not yet complete) is shown above.

The QGIS project file will be placed in Dropbox and the Map Maker project file will no longer be maintained.  Interested members will need to install QGIS on their computer in order to view the project and to take full advantage of the mapping.  QGIS is being updated constantly; the version on which the above map was produced is QGIS 2.8.1 (Wien).  Once installed, the software should be used to locate the millhams.prj file from Dropbox which will open the current view of the project.

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