David Eels’s New Book Published

debookMembers will be aware of David Eels’s first book which TCA published “The Medieval Markets and Fairs of Christchurch”. We were uncertain as to how popular this would be but we were very pleased that the book achieved sales of several hundreds and made a welcome contribution to TCA funds. (The booklet is still in print and we are able to offer copies to TCA members at a discount off the cover price of £3.50). David is to be congratulated on the appearance of his second book, “Lords of Christchurch 1331-1480s”, in this case, published in an attractive format by Natula Publications of Christchurch.

The book presents David’s work on the unravelling of the complex ownership of the estates of Christchurch, Ringwood and the Manor of Westover, which encompasses much of modern-day Bournemouth, and tells the story of the Montacute earls of Salisbury and their lineal descendants through marriage who bore the surnames of Neville and Plantagenet. David relates the history in an entertaining way, showing how much of local history can be linked to prominent people and important events in our national history.

Copies of the book can be purchased from Amazon or from Natula Publications at their stall in the Christchurch Emporium or from their website. David has offered to make available copies of the book at a discount on the cover price to TCA members who apply directly to him. TCA is grateful that David has assigned the royalties arising from book sales to TCA funds and part of the profits from direct sales, with the remainder going to the fund for the purchase of the Boldre hoard by St. Barbe Museum.

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