Magnetometer at Millhams

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs our first activity of 2017, member Mike Gill carried out magnetometer survey on 12 March of the north garden area at Little Millhams. This area becomes heavily overgrown later in the year, and we have found the bees from the hives located there to become quite aggressive when we approach too close, so carrying out the survey early in the year seemed a good plan.

We borrowed a magnetic gradiometer made available by Bournemouth University as part of the LoCate project, and held by the New Forest National Park Authority at Lymington. A number of our members have been trained in the use of the gradiometer and Mike Gill, pictured here in action at Millhams, has obtained impressive results from the equipment on other sites.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith much anticipation we were able to view the results on site without delay.  Although there were no obvious rectilinear features suggestive of structures, some aspects of the data will repay further study and perhaps some tweaking of the grey-scale display.  We were able to complete the best part of 3 x 20m grid squares in the garden, constrained by the topography of the site, the watercourses and various fallen trees which, all in all , constituted a very successful day.

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