Magnetometer Results

20170312MagSurveyThe map on the left shows the magnetometer results obtained on 12 March 2017 as processed by Mike Gill using Snuffler software, georeferenced and plotted on our Millhams mapping. The light blue background shows the nominal area of the area surveyed which is a 20m-wide strip running approximately north-south for about 50m. The survey results in grey-scale are superimposed on the blue background which shows through in areas where no results could be obtained because they were inaccessible or overgrown. In the middle of the patch, there were several beehives which are intrepid surveyor approached with caution since their inhabitants were quite active in spite of the chilly weather and became more so as the day warmed up.

The results showed little in the way of structure which we could interpret either as archaeological or geological features. One striking magnetic anomaly is shown at the north-east of the survey grid which we believe may indicate a large buried ferrous object which may repay some excavation to determine its nature.

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