SSE Electricity Museum Open Day

elecmuseum Those of us who regretted the closure of Christchurch’s Electricity Museum will welcome SSE’s initiative in providing a Doors Open Day on 21 February 2018. Entry was free but required prior booking which was arranged for a small group of us by our chairman, Mike Tizzard.

Previous visitors to the Museum will notice the absence from the Main Hall of the ‘jewel in the crown’ exhibit, the tram, which has been returned to its owner, the Science Museum. We were told that every remaining item in the museum has been catalogued and much of the collection of portable items now stands on shelves without any display or explanation. Thus in some ways the building is a store, with items possibly available for loan to other museums for temporary display. However the main items of heavy machinery are still in place in their previous positions.

It is to be hoped that further Open Days can be arranged so that visitors can enjoy this excellent collection housed in Christchurch’s original Edwardian electricity generating station, now a Grade II listed building.

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2 Responses to SSE Electricity Museum Open Day

  1. Richard Graham Lewis says:

    Dear Mr Tizzard

    Just a speculative inquiry would it be possible to open the Museum for a private party at a specific date to be agreed in say October, for a private party of amateur industrial historians ?

    I look forward to hearing from you .

    Regards Richard Lewis

    My E.mail address is.

  2. Unfortunately TCA has no knowledge of any plans by SSE Heritage for further Open Days at the Museum, but you could try an enquiry at or have a look at their website

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