Start of the 2018 Season at Millhams

MillhamsMead6May18_wordpressEncouraged by the spell of warm and dry weather, a small group of TCA members embarked on the first session of the 2018 season at Little Millhams on the May Day Bank Holiday weekend.  Readers of this blog will perhaps recall that we have had several skirmishes with the bees which patrol and defend vigorously the area in the vicinity of the beehives in the Millhams garden.  It now appears that the bees are on holiday while their hives are in the process of being transported to another area of the garden, so this seemed an ideal opportunity to investigate an East-West line of the garden in an area just North of the previously occupied by the beehives.

In order to clarify and perhaps bring some order to the confusing results of the various layers in adjacent pits, it was decided to investigate systematically the layers along the East-West line selected by first removing the topsoil and then auguring downwards from the topsoil interface.   Steve Fox reports that out of 13 points laid out across the site, the first 5 were studied in this first session and while too soon to claim any success, there are definite differences in the profile of each pit that will hopefully combine to make a cross-section of the whole site.  (Photograph and report courtesy of member Steve Fox)

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