Lost Long Barrow near Sopley Revealed

SopleyDig2 During November, we joined with AVAS to investigate the site of the long barrow near Sopley which had been flattened during the construction in 1944 of an airfield for the support of the D-Day landings.  The barrow had been well-documented in early records but never recorded as such on early OS maps.  Last year, a geophysical survey led by AVAS and TCA member Mike Gill located a feature matching exactly the position and extent of the barrow mound and in November this year we obtained permission from the land owner to try to confirm the former barrow by locating evidence of the side ditches.  Now, with a trench 1m wide by some 11m long we have found clear evidence in the stratigraphy of a former ditch extending alongside the barrow, of which no surface feature now remains.

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