Druitt Gardens Geophysical Survey Phase 3

MB_bartingtonWe carried out our last planned phase of our Druitt Gardens geophysical survey during the first week of March 2020.  This involved primarily a magnetometer  survey of the survey lines we had previously established in August and December last year, and which we had surveyed using GPR and ERT.  In view of the success we had in confirming the GPR results with ERT, we also established to further ERT lines.  The survey was carried out by our contractor Dr. Martin Bates using the Bartington 601 fluxgate gradiometer (see photo) for the magnetometry and ABEM equipment for the resistivity imaging (ERT).  It was decided that highly-sensitive magnetometers were probably inappropriate on site due to the presence of metal seats, as can be seen in the photograph, lamp standards, fences and underground services.


While we were initially fortunate in being able to start the survey in fine weather, heavy rain at the end of our period on site meant that we had some difficulty in completing the work schedule!

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