Druitt Gardens Survey Report Published

cover sheet_012020 copyWe managed to complete our geophysical survey of Druitt Gardens in early March 2020, just before the Covid-19 lockdown began.  Our Final Report on the survey was submitted in early July 2020 to Historic England as required under the terms of our Section 42 licence and we are pleased that it has been accepted. It includes the geophysical contractors’ report in full, providing a substantial body of data derived from ground-penetrating radar (GPR), electrical resistivity tomography (ERT), electro-magnetic conductivity (EM) and magnetic gradiometry.

In summary, the both GPR and ERT data indicate a substantial linear geophysical anomaly, interpreted as a possible bank and ditch feature, which runs parallel to the accepted line of the burh defences as deduced by Keith Jarvis in his 1983 DNH&AS monograph but lying some 25m eastwards and upslope from this position. The anomaly lies at some considerable depth of 1.5-2m to the top of the remains of the bank and 3-4m to the bottom of the ditch. Of course we have no ground truth for this interpretation, or any dating evidence. No geophysical confirmation of the line of the defences interpreted from the 1980s archaeological excavation could be detected although site constraints prevented deployment of the GPR cart into some of the areas of undergrowth maintained on site as wildlife cover.

The paper report turned out to be quite large with about 30 double-sided pages and the PDF file is about 42MB in size, and thus likely to cause problems with email distribution.  It has been placed on the TCA Mediafire account where TCA members can access it by application to the Secretary for the link.  Details of the survey will also be submitted to the OASIS database as required by the terms of our licence.

We gratefully acknowledge the funding for the survey which was originally agreed by the former Christchurch Borough Council as part of the Town Centre Strategy.  We are grateful for the continued support of the survey by the Christchurch Town Council who now own the Gardens following the creation of BCP Council.

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