The Christchurch Antiquarians

The town of Christchurch, now in Dorset but formerly in Hampshire, is an ancient borough with its origin as a Saxon burh named Twynham. The Normans built a motte and bailey castle in the middle of the Saxon burh, and the remains of the castle keep and the Constable’s House can still be seen. Adjacent to the site of the castle is the Priory Church, left standing after the Reformation which saw the destruction of the Priory.

The Christchurch Antiquarians is a local society promoting history, heritage, archeology and conservation in the borough of Christchurch in Dorset. It was founded in 2002 by a group wishing to take part in more practical tasks aimed at furthering our knowledge of the history and heritage of the borough. We have undertaken historical research in the archives and, with the permission of English Heritage, worked on geophysical surveys of Christchurch Castle and other scheduled sites within Christchurch. Our current ongoing project is an archaeological investigation of an area at Little Millhams with the aim of finding the site of Christchurch’s lost Port Mill and to understand the evolution of the site over time.

News of our current activities can be found on our Blog. If you want further details of our society, please see the Contact Us page.

A PDF file (78 KB) of our constitution can be downloaded here.  Our privacy and security policies title regarding our holding of the personal contact details for members can be found here.