The Lords of Christchurch 1331 – 1480s

This is the latest publication from TCA member and local historian, David Eels, resulting from years of research. It tells the story of the Montacute earls of Salisbury and their lineal descendants through marriage who bore the surnames of Neville and Plantagenet. All of these earls held Christchurch, Ringwood and much of modern-day Bournemouth which was then known as the Manor of Westover.

This 155-page book is extensively illustrated and includes six colour plates. It is no longer available through its original publishers, Natula Publications of Christchurch, but copies may be found in local outlets and booksellers. In addition, TCA have acquired Natula’s existing stocks of the book and is able to offer it at the cover price of £12.95 plus appropriate postage and packing.


The Medieval Markets and Fairs of Christchurch
In 2008, TCA member and local historian David Eels wrote a booklet entitled ‘The Medieval Markets and Fairs of Christchurch’. The inspiration for the booklet was the 750th anniversary of the first St. Faith’s Fair in Christchurch. This attractive 32-page booklet is published by TCA and copies may be found in local outlets, or directly from TCA at the cost of £3.50 plus appropriate postage and packing.


Catalogue of References to Christchurch in Various State Papers from Richard I to George II (1189 – 1760)
TCA has had a long-running historical research project with the aim of cataloguing all references to Christchurch in published State Papers from the reign of Richard I to George II (1189-1760). We are grateful to the Hartley Library at the University of Southampton which has provided us with access to these publications. The publications provide either a transcription of the complete state paper or a calendar (or summary) of the document. Recently the Catalogue editors, Ray Baxter and David Eels have brought the project to completion and TCA has prepared the catalogue for publication. The resulting document is available in a paper version or as a PDF file on CD-ROM. Copies have been presented to local reference and archive centres and copies are available to TCA members for the purpose of personal study and research in return for a donation to TCA funds to cover the cost of production.