Another stunning 3D model of Pit 20

Pit20Ext10Nov14_wordpressFollowing on from the modelling work of last week, Mike Gill has now taken a series of photographs of the surface of the beam in Pit 20 which he has processed into a stunning 3D model, revealing the detailed texture of the top surface of the beam. A screenshot from the model is shown to the left (the scale has alternating red/white bands each of 100mm) but this shows just one aspect and for the full effect you really need to inspect the model which Mike has made available on the following link:

You need to be patient while it downloads but once downloaded you can rotate the view and zoom in on features – tcablogmaster has tested the link in popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera and Chrome and the it seems to work in all of these, though you do need an up-to-date version.

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