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Work on site

Lost Long Barrow near Sopley Revealed

During November, we joined with AVAS to investigate the site of the long barrow near Sopley which had been flattened during the construction in 1944 of an airfield for the support of the D-Day landings.  The barrow had been well-documented … Continue reading

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Progress with Augering

Since we started the augering of the site in 2018, as reported in a previous blog post, we have completed some 8 lines across the site in an E-W direction, each containing boreholes spaced at 2m apart. The length of … Continue reading

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Augering Results

We have tried to make sense of the results of augering by plotting the layers within our mapping project using QGIS and analysing them with a useful plug-in (‘Midvatten’) originally designed and intended to record the stratigraphy and hydrology from … Continue reading

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High Tide at Millhams

It’s almost time to put our site at Millhams to bed for the winter months.  Last weekend the combination of heavy rain and a high tide produced a very soggy and puddled site to work in.  We have been continuing … Continue reading

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Mike’s Monster Auger

The idea to auger a series of test pits proved successful but we soon realised that the little sampling auger we had been using was too short the reach the levels at which we had discovered medieval traces. In order … Continue reading

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Start of the 2018 Season at Millhams

Encouraged by the spell of warm and dry weather, a small group of TCA members embarked on the first session of the 2018 season at Little Millhams on the May Day Bank Holiday weekend.  Readers of this blog will perhaps … Continue reading

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Test Pit Count Exceeds the Half-Century!

While preparing a report for our Annual General Meeting held in June 2017, tcablogmaster was intrigued by the statistics of our excavations at Millhams.  During the period June 2016 to June 2017 the number of test pits completed exceeded fifty … Continue reading

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Interesting Features Discovered in Pit 52

We have now turned our attention to the north of the Millhams garden area  in which we have been working, with the excavation of two further test pits, 51 and 52.  Pit 51 turned out to be largely inconclusive and … Continue reading

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Mystery Object

A few weeks ago Mike Gill carried out a gradiometer survey of the north of site and we were intrigued by the large magnetic anomaly which was apparent. Our first plan was to site a new pit on where we … Continue reading

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Magnetometer at Millhams

As our first activity of 2017, member Mike Gill carried out magnetometer survey on 12 March of the north garden area at Little Millhams. This area becomes heavily overgrown later in the year, and we have found the bees from … Continue reading

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